Who Buys Our Portable Buildings

Superior Portable Cabins Case Studies

Over the years we’ve made, sold, and helped many people and businesses get into portable offices, buildings and granny flats.

Some have wanted them for larger living spaces, rentals and other purposes, and others have wanted them purely for business.


Whatever your need or purpose, we can accommodate you…

spc-3Below are some of the examples and case studies to show why people buy a Superior Portable Cabins structure.


Frank & Liz’s Acquisition And Accommodation Upgrade…

Frank and Liz purchased a caravan park in Victoria by the ocean and wanted to start adding some portable accommodation to their facilities so they could hold more people and have more regular income.

Not sure about whom to use and what was best for them on the budget they had, Frank and Liz contacted us.

They decided to go with us because they liked what they saw and the guarantees we provide.


Steve, Sick Of Mixing Business With Pleasure…

Steve is an electrical contractor, and although he is out on the road quite a bit, there are times when people come to him at his home for meetings.

Steve told us that he wasn’t that keen on clients coming to his house and having meetings there, so he bought a Superior Portable Cabins granny flat, set it up in his front yard, and uses it as his office.

While he gets many benefits from having his own granny flat office, Steve says the biggest one is that he claims a percentage of his purchase as a tax deduction.


Homeowners Charlie and Karen Mature Parents Accommodation…

Karen’s mum is elderly and her father, Charlie, can’t really give his wife the care she needs. So Charlie and Karen purchased a two-bedroom granny flat and erected it over a weekend with some help from their friends. Now Karen’s parents are safer and so is she, as she can help them whenever they need her.

Karen and her elderly parents are happier, safer and think a Superior Portable Cabins granny flat was of great value and perfect for their needs.


Mining & Agriculture Portable Housing services…

spc-5Over the years mining and agriculture businesses have used our portable housing as they can be on a mining site for years and in pretty remote locations.

So they like the portability and freedom of being able to relocate them whenever they like, with minimal downtime or interruption to their operations.

Mining and Agriculture love our portable housing because they truly are ‘portable’ and because they receive bulk rate price savings buying direct from us, the manufacturer.


Brett & Julie’s Positively Geared Rental…

Brett and Julie contacted us after finding our website online. They were interested in knowing how and if they could install a granny flat on their residential property with the idea of renting it out to help pay off their mortgage.

After a few months, quite a few phone calls and emails, we’re proud to say that Brett and Julie decided on and installed a one bedroom Superior Portable Cabins granny flat on their property and are renting it out to a fly in, fly out miner, and that their property is positively geared.


Portables For Developments and Construction…

Over the years several construction and development companies have contacted us about our portable offices. A lot of the time you’ll find that many of these businesses hire their portable offices. However, more and more are now looking at buying them to save on the hire costs.

While our portable buildings and offices come in varying sizes for the construction industry and are used for an array of purposes, a Superior Portable Cabins structure is a sound investment for the cost-conscious developer.

With a range of portable office packages to suit the construction industry, you’ll find your portable office or building will pay for itself in a very short time compared to the cost of hiring one on a regular basis.


Daniel and Suzanne’s Nest Egg…

Daniel and Suzanne are in their late 40’s and relocated to Queensland. The kids are gone, so they bought a smaller house on acreage.

While their passion is to travel they have a hobby farm with horses, two cows, a few pigs and chickens to care for. So they decided to put a three-bedroom granny flat on their acreage so they could find a live-in caretaker.

Daniel and Suzanne consider their granny flat a great investment, and it can only add value to their property as it adds another living space.