“Superior Portable Cabins Is Here To Help!”

You’ve probably got specific questions of your own about our portable buildings and granny flats and what you can and can’t do with them, however, here are some common questions we get that may help you:

Q: I can buy a granny flat or portable building almost anywhere, so why is Superior Portable Cabins the best choice for me?

A: Experience, quality and transparency. On top of that we’d have to say our granny flats are things of beauty, are built with quality materials, including welded steel framing, and are designed and built to last.

These values and services are why we are not for people who are looking for cheap granny flats and portable buildings that may rot, twist or warp in a matter of a few years.

Q: What are your “Built To Last and Price guarantees”?

A: The “Built To Last and Price guarantees” protect you against your portable building frame warping or rotting for 25 years, guarantees the frame being structurally sound for 10 years, and we guarantee that the price we quote is the price it costs, so there are no hidden fees.

Q: Do granny flats and portable buildings make good rentals?

A: They sure do! They’re more affordable than buying a traditional investment property, you can have it all set up and generating rental income in about 2-3 months and when you compare it to other forms of property investing you can receive a higher return.

Q: Are they safe in turbulent weather?

A: Yes. Safety is a primary concern for us, which is why we only use quality materials from quality suppliers and as you may have noticed before, all our portable buildings are steel framed and welded, which makes them extra strong.

Q: If I wanted to custom design one, what’s involved with that?

A:  If you do not see anything you like or you have ideas of your own, call us directly and we’ll lead you through the process. To date, people have even scribbled out their portable building design on napkins and faxed it to us, so there isn’t much we can’t design for you.

Q: What sizes do you have?

A: We have 6m x 3m granny flats and portable office shells, 9m x 3m portable buildings and 12m x 3m portables. However, our range is always being updated and these are available as a shell or for custom design.

Customer Notice – you may see used or new granny flats & portable buildings for sale without a steel frame.

This can result in your portable building frame twisting while it is being transported and possible termite infestation, and in most cases you will be the one responsible for any damage or repairs, not the supplier. For peace of mind, find out more and insist on a steel framed portable building with a structural guarantee.